Despite the Rumors (and Jokes), Nikon is Not Announcing the Z6 III

Nikon Z6 III rumors

Is Nikon working on the Z6 III camera? Maybe. It would make sense. Is Nikon showing it off to photography “influencers,” if that is not too grandiose a term, right now on the Spanish island of Lanzarote? Definitely not.

Rumors sites like Nikon Rumors are correct that Nikon is doing something in Spain, but PetaPixel can definitively say that it has nothing to do with the Z6 III or any other new product.

Further, despite playing along, PetaPixel‘s Chris Niccolls did not depart the frigid winter scape of Calgary to head east to Lanzarote; he went west to San Jose for the Samsung Unpacked event. Look, see, there he is.

That said, Chris didn’t hesitate to lean into the rumors concerning his travels.

Unsurprisingly, the commentariat bought into the false narrative, hook, line, and sinker.

“Z6 III baby!” says one user on Instagram. “Z6III,” adds another. “Lanzarote?” a person asks.

“I guess the Zf on a new ‘body’ lol,” someone else speculates.

It is hard to blame people for thinking Chris had ventured off to Spain, though, as he intentionally didn’t disabuse people of the notion and reportedly thoroughly enjoyed the resulting confusion and speculation.

But this goes to show how easy it can be to draw incorrect conclusions using a combination of facts, rumors, and a bit of well-reasoned wishful thinking.

Nikon is hosting some sort of event this month and members of the photo media have been traveling, but those two things aren’t connected. And because they aren’t connected, there’s no imminent product launch or reveal.

A Nikon Z6 III would make sense, and arguably, there are plenty of compelling new features in the Nikon Zf that Nikon could conceivably add to a Z6 II successor for photographers who prefer a more modern camera design.

And of course, the major Camera and Photo Imaging Show (CP+) is just around the corner in Yokohama. Scheduled to kick off on February 22, CP+ is poised to play host to some significant camera and lens announcements.

But alas, photographers must wait a bit longer for a hypothetical Z6 III, as it is absolutely not being shown off in Lanzarote.